Private Medicine Walk & Story
Time is TBD | Private Residence

Private Medicine Walk & Story

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Private Residence, Redstone, CO

About The Event

Stepping out onto the land can bring forward, heal, and transform our understanding of where we are in life. A medicine walk is a day’s journey upon the face of the Earth -- a microcosmic liminal exploration. The walk is a mirror that reflects the signs and symbols of your inner landscape or inner quest. The walk serves as a guide in navigating your inner wilderness. During the time together, we will work together on clarifying your INTENT and then you will spend time on a solo quest or walk with the land and your question or intention to engage in an open and a reciprocal discussion to and with nature. After the walk, we will sit in Council and listen & mirror your story and we will clarify going forth with actions that assist in reincorporating and living the medicine you received on your quest.

Open to all ages 13+

Scheduling: Please arrange for atleast 4 hours for your initial session and 2.5-3 hours for future, ongoing (weekly/monthly) sessions. Other options include a full day walk (8 hours) Date & Time will be arranged by you and the guide.

Location: The tentative location for this session is in Redstone, Colorado or the surrounding area. Location will be arranged by you and the guide.

Fee: $40 - $60 (pay upon service)

Please register for this service as well as the guide(s) you would like to accommodate you and they will contact you to set up date and time.

  • Guide: Colleen Bishop
  • Guides: Colleen & Thompson

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