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a quest at the edge of summer

Updated: May 1

Here at the edge of solstice, as we arc from spring to summer, I am venturing out into the wilderness for 4 days + nights in solitude, empty, and exposed—creating a clearing in my heart for the song that is this beautiful life to be seen, heard, expressed, loved, embodied.

I feel the edge of spring at this threshold—the trickster, the fire, the spirit, the unseen. I am experiencing a palpable resistance that is moving, throbbing, quivering beneath the surface. I am dancing with the paradox and opening to it's beauty—both longing for this connection to be out there for 4 days and afraid and wanting to stay home. All parts of me belong.

My beloved is also venturing out in solitude— empty, and exposed. We will be simultaneously holding one another in this wilderness vision quest, along with mama earth. If it feels aligned for you, please keep us in your heart. We vow to return back to the threshold and begin incorporating by Saturday morning.

Bowing to the Earth for keeping us, to my Beloved for standing at the edge, within, and integrating the thresholds together, to Spirit, and to the human and more than human world for breathing life into my sacred fire and inspiring me.

Love Deep. Deep Love.

🌍❤️Collfeatherz —Alchemy of Prana co-founder and wilderness + soul guide

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