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Storytelling...By Way of Sandstone & Water (as told by a vision fast initiate)

Updated: May 1

(as told by a vision fast initiate)

I come this way now by the way of water—a fluid dialogue gestating flesh and spirit. I dream in the center of my circle of purpose made of rock, body, fire, sandstone, air, water, spirit---breathing. Threshing. I enter. The sacred mother, of soil and granite, takes me in---I’m passing through a contraction field---the narrow walls of the canyon permeate my watery skin, and the pulsation between my legs informs me: a sacred birthing.My body is undulating in the fiery rhythm of release and renew. The pulsation rises up my spine attracting fluid and air along the center---vortices. Unraveling. Luminous bliss.

"The real purification with water Is to bathe in the essence of eternityAnd stand in your true body—Stunning autonomy, luminous bliss,Invisible consciousness pulsating Always, in every direction" (Roche, 2014, p. 163).

Water, earth, air, flesh, spirit. fire, and psyche, form the juncture of ley lines swirling, illuminating, and joining the polarities---naturally and untamed. The break of dawn summons this dancing wholeness; a birth canal appears---the intersection of flesh and spirit. Ascending from the eastern ridge, the first, bright, and indescribable wedge of freedom appears, ushering flesh and spirit into the center of my circle of purpose; the center that births, encloses, shields, awakens, frees, illuminates and guides me through the wilderness of my life. Meaning-making. An offering to the Earth is presented; an initiated woman is saying yes and shouldering her pack, returning with her belonging medicine: embodying love and birthing the sacred.

“There is a current of love-energy that flows—between Earth below and Sun above. The central channel of your spine is the riverbed” (Roche, 2014, p. 47).

-colleen bishop, 2019

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