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CO Wilderness Vision Quest-POSTPONED
CO Wilderness Vision Quest-POSTPONED

Date and time is TBD


Grace Camp

CO Wilderness Vision Quest-POSTPONED

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Grace Camp, Raggeds Wilderness | Marble, Colorado

About The Event

The wilderness vision quest journey implies a metaphorical death, (severance), a liminal unknown that is pregnant with meaning, and a rebirth back into the body anew (incorporation). The ceremony involves stepping into and enacting these three phases of a life-transition: the severance--letting go of what is known; followed by the threshold space--the space between what once was and the not yet known; and lastly, incorporation--the metaphorical birth that emerges from enacting severance and the threshold. This practice serves as a creative muse to alter and transform as well as and a companion--an embodied memory of the delicate nature of this living world. Wilderness vision quest ceremonies have the potential to open an individual to experience the undying attuned bond with Earth in the midst of being empty, exposed, and alone--an experience of undeniable interconnection with Earth that shapes us and becomes embedded in our embodied memory of bones, sinew, cells, heart.

The vision quest ceremony is one way of reconstituting the therapeutic and transformative movement of a life transition, personal challenge, or rite of passage. The arc of the journey will both challenge you and inspire you--illuminating what is and is not aligned with the mystery wanting to emerge through you. Being immersed in the wilderness evokes our true nature--that which is part of Earth and deeply attuned to the rhythms and returns us to our innate relatedness with the more-than-human world. A vision quest ceremony is an intersubjective way of relating that supports an individual and/or community in a sustainable way and guides the restoration of true-vitality and balance while moving through change and transformative experiences.  

Just as nature moves according to its inborn death and rebirth pattern, so does a wilderness vision quest rite of passage ceremony. Deeply tuned in to the cycles of nature, intact communities around the planet have created and enacted rituals of initiation to mark, celebrate, and make sense of the great mysteries of life, death, and rebirth and transformation.  Although some rites of passage  may take years to complete, such as coming of age, this 12-day vision quest ceremony with a pivotal threshold of a 4 day and 4 night solo fast offers a strong, embodied, and meaningful way to support transformation and life passages.

The vision quest participant is guided through three phases of this pattern: severance (severing from the old [days 1–4]), threshold (crossing into the liminal space/this is also the stage where the candidate fasts on the land for 4 days and nights [days 5-9]), incorporation (taking on the body, & returning back to the community with your gifts [days 9-12]).


sliding scale tuition -- $1,000-$3,000

Deposit: $250 (included in final sliding scale tuition)

What’s included:

· A deep soul-centered self-generated ceremony with the natural world guided by two trained wilderness rite of passage guides (Colleen Bishop, Thompson Bishop)

· Twelve-day rite-of-passage ceremony

· A variety of Council formats including introduction, intent, story-sharing with mirroring, incorporation, and others.

· Teachings of the Four Shields of Human Nature (Foster & Little, 1999)

· Professional gear/packing list to prepare for your journey

· Optional preparation call with one of the guides

· Storytelling & mirroring

· Guidance for intent and marking your rite of passage

· One or more guide(s) available at basecamp at all times and hold a container for you during your solo time

· Outdoor education skills for navigating the wilderness alone

· Guidance for incorporating your gifts back into the community

· Prepared food/meal upon arriving back to basecamp after your fast

· Permits & logistics arranged for camping accommodations for 12 days/11 nights

What’s not included:

· We invite all participants to engage in radical self-care: food, equipment, and all material support are not included

· Transportation to and from the site is not included (possibility to carpool)

·  Guide + car-pool driver gratuity

· Travel/Cancellation insurance

· Anything else not listed under “what’s included”


Days 1-4: These first four days consist of a metaphorical and literal severance from your life as you know it. Day 1 will be taken up with finding your camping spot at basecamp, introductions, a teaching of the four shields of human nature. Days 2 and 3 are taken up with an intent circle, followed by finding your spot for your solo time and bringing your water to it, outdoor-education skills, and time deepening with the community of fasters and guides.

Days 5 – morning of day 9: At sunrise on the fourth day together, you and your fellow fasters will be ushered through a threshold circle to begin your 4-days and 4-nights vision fast.

Days 9—12: On the fifth morning of your vision fast (day 9 of our time on the land), you will shoulder your pack and return back to basecamp to be greeted and welcomed by your community. This day consists of coming into your body with options for food, movement, showering, returning back to your campsite, and unpacking from your fast. The following days will be taken up with story-telling, and guidance for incorporating your gifts back into the community.

Please note: While the structure of the days will remain in-tact with your vision fast for 4 days and nights, some of the contents are subject to change depending on the location of the site.


  • Deposit--STANDARD registration

    Sale ends: Aug 26, 4:08 PM

    Deposit for STANDARD registration--deposits are not applicable to SPECIAL offers Your deposit confirms your spot in this program. Cancellation policy: *Deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable if cancelled within 89 days of the program start; Deposits are 50% refundable if cancelled before 90 days of the program start date. Tuition balance is requested within one month of your departure




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