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...exploring the world of the seen and unseen

...supporting the opening to the liminal and the possible.

wild earth, ocean at sunset
vision. inspiration. evolution

Coming from Gratitude:  We begin in thanks to this sacred earth for all that it gives to us.  We offer our love and appreciation to all the life with which we share our home.  We offer our respect to the many elements and ecosystems to which we belong and to all those to which we do not.  We bow in reverence to the mystery that binds us as One.


Vision: Operating from an ecopsychological paradigm/understanding, Alchemy of Prana serves to illuminate and weave the hidden elements of the psyche within a fabric of a universal, evolving, liberated field of consciousness -- a field that includes and extends beyond human identity. 

Alchemy of Prana serves to support connection to and with our own psyche, the psyche of the natural world as a bridge for contacting and living from a place of wholeness

AOP envisions a world of joyous interconnections interweaving humans and more-than-human that is seeded within the sacred web of Earth, a sustainable and thriving planet of deeply interwoven connections of humans and the more-than-human world. 


2017 M.A. Transpersonal Ecopsychology from Naropa

2019 Ph.D. Integral & Transpersonal Psychology with Somatic Emphasis at CIIS [Current]


2016 Ojai Foundation Level 1 Council

2016 Nature of Council with School of Lost Borders/Ojai Foundation (equal to Council Levels 2 & 3)

2017 Mirroring the four shields of human nature with School of Lost Borders

2018 School of Lost Borders Guide Training Month-Long Retreat

2019 School of Lost Borders, Assistant [Current]

2021 Rite of Passage Journeys, Lead Guides [Current]

2022 Wilderness First Responder 

2023 School of Lost Borders, Guest Guides [Current]

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