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I've had the opportunity to attend two different retreats with AOP with my partner. Both experiences were extremely valuable in teaching me things about myself that I hadn't been tuned into before. I learned that nature is a place that I can always go for support and answers and I feel so much more connected to the land in a spiritual way that I never really felt before.


Coll & T are amazing guides. Both have the gift of seeing into the heart and soul of other people and reflecting that back using the power of story. Time with them gave me a clearer picture of who I am and helped me learn to be more loving and compassionate with myself. Their insights and stories about my partner were also a gift to me in that I was able to see my partner through the eyes of someone else, making me love him even more. 


As a couple, these retreats have helped us to connect and grow closer. Our communication has improved (he often offers a "check in" as an invitation to communicate) and we've learned how to be better partners to each other. I really feel that seeing Coll & T's strong relationship and how they interact has helped us to improve our relationship and have taught us how to be more loving and kind to one another.


AOP retreats have given me incredible insight, not only for myself individually but for my romantic relationship. The retreats require a lot of (sometimes difficult) introspection and inner-work, but certainly worth the time and investment. I recommend this experience whole-heartedly for anyone who is interested in personal development or who needs a shift in perspective.


Aspen, CO

My experiences with Alchemy of Prana have felt so nurturing and fulfilling.  I learned new ways to communicate with nature, and I felt so safe with Colleen and Thompson.  They offer a space of unconditional support and create communities where we can heal and see each other.

Programs attended: Finding Wholeness in the Wilderness, New Years Passage, New Moon Councils

Meghan, age 33

Carbondale, CO

When I first met Colleen, she was the quiet young woman who always stood in the back row of the yoga classes I taught. I've been privileged to witness her walk a deep and committed path over the course of almost a decade, and I'm blown away, but not surprised, by the facilitator and guide she has become. I went on a wilderness immersion with Col and Thompson in North Carolina, and was blessed to also be able to experience Thompson as a facilitator. He effortlessly engaged us with a playful but profoundly grounded guiding style. The two of them together are truly magic, and have developed immense capacities to hold safe space for all who join them to traverse dark and light within themselves. 

Angel Grant, Death Over Dinner Co-Founder

Charleston, SC

I have had the deep honor and privilege of sharing Council with Colleen and TBird.  Each of them embodies a clear sense of dignity, courageous self-responsibility, compassion and deep wisdom.  Together they bless our world with their undeniable commitment to truth, beauty, freedom and loving - honoring our Earth and humbly serving humanity.  To be with them is to be transformed, uplifted and profoundly healed.  What a gift they are to our community!

Sonny Conley, MA

Basalt, Colorado

This is a strong, heart felt call out for the Alchemy of Prana. Using great training, natural gifts and the beauty of the natural world, Colleen and Thompson provide their guests an opportunity to find what is calling to them. Amongst beautiful settings and in a safe place, you can shed the exteriors of your daily life and go deep to find what it is you are there for. Through councils, medicine walks, sacred circles and nourishment, you will be renewed and whole to re-enter life, but from a more understanding, powerful and loving place from within. Aho you two, you have created a safe place for some beautiful transformations. Thank you. Any time with these two and AOP comes highly recommended. Good for all ages.

Lindsey Sterling-Krank, Environmental Scientist & Director, the Prairie Dog Coalition

Boulder, Colorado

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