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Wildly Awake Ceremony + Soiree | Medicine Walk, Kitchari, + Council
Wildly Awake Ceremony + Soiree | Medicine Walk, Kitchari, + Council

Mon, Nov 28



Wildly Awake Ceremony + Soiree | Medicine Walk, Kitchari, + Council

We invite you to attune with the ocean mysts of autumn and winter with clarity of vision and deep soul + spirited connection with yourself, earth, and your human and more-than-human communities.

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Time & Location

Nov 28, 2022, 2:00 PM – 8:30 PM EST

Ocean, Surfside Beach, SC

About The Event

We invite you to join us this autumn, as the seasonal shift becomes more prominant in nature, our bodies, and psyche, and move into the mysteries of fall and winter with clarity and connection.

This ceremony includes 3 main parts: Medicine Walk, Kitchari, + Council under the stars. We will begin where the land meets the water with a brief council and an orientation to the land and one another, followed by a solo medicine walk on the beach and the telling of your story. Two trained guides/coaches (Thompson + Colleen) will mirror each story back to the storyteller. After the telling of your story, we will walk 100 yards to the beach house for a Kitchari dinner (prepared and served by Colleen + Thompson), and a council with Earth under the stars. 

There is an option to join us for all 3 parts, or join us only for dinner and council. Please note, timing of dinner (5:45 PM) is proposed and subject to change due to the nonlinear nature of council and medicine walks. 


This gathering is offered with love and donations are accepted and supportive to the ongoing mission of alchemy of prana and the guides. The suggested donation for the entire ceremony is $77-$108; suggested donation for dinner and council only is $20-$30. That said, any donation you contribute will be recieved with love. 


Please RSVP by signing up/registering for this gathering. Your RSVP will give us an idea of the quantity of food to make for dinner as well as setting up the space accordingly. If something else comes up, please let us know so we prepare the appropriate amount of food. Donations can be accepted now when you register, or we can accept venmo or paypal on the day of the event. 


Stepping out onto the land can bring forward, heal, and transform our understanding of where we are in life. A medicine/soul walk is a few hour journey upon the face of the Earth—a microcosmic liminal exploration. The walk is a mirror that reflects the signs and symbols of your inner landscape. The walk serves as a beacon, a guide, in navigating your inner wilderness. During the first two hours of this ceremony, we will create a community together and then you will cross a threshold into your own self-generated ceremony with psyche and the land, exploring your intention while navigating the transition in your life. The ceremony will end late in the night (approx. 9 PM--subject to change).


A balancing meal after your soul walk and dive deeper into the inner warmth of autumn. We will create a big pot of delicious kitchari to support sustaining our inner digestive fire through the colder and dier times of year. 

"Kitchari is a delicious, thick soup that is beloved in the tradition of Ayurveda. Composed of rice, dal, spices, and other nutritious ingredients, it is extremely easy to digest, making it a staple of the Ayurvedic diet and the go-to meal for Ayurvedic cleansing. In fact, the protein content of rice and dal is an invaluable element of traditional Ayurvedic cleansing, able to sustain you throughout your cleanse without depleting you. It is also a delicious meal in its own right, and balancing for all three doshas in Ayurveda" (Bayan Botanicals, 2022). 


Following our 1 hour council dinner, we will all commune again back to the circle at the edge of land and water for an emergent council where we will listen to the conversations that are having us at this time. 


Thompson Bishop + Colleen Bishop are lovers and allies. They co-founded Alchemy of Prana in 2017 as an emergent force of interconnection between humans and the planet. They are both doctoral students in Transpersonal Somatic Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies. They know home by being deeply embedded in the Crystal River Valley in the high alpine regions of Colorado. Thompson is a musician and creative entrepenaur, creating symphonies of renewal and aliveness with Earth. Colleen is a therapeutic guide, yoga teacher, and somatic practicioner--supporting and groups in cultivating somatic literacy and ecoliteracy in their relationships with self, other, and earth. Both Thompson + Colleen are ecopsychologists as well as trained and experienced wilderness rites of passage guides: supporting individuals in their life transitions and rites of passage in relationship with the natural world. They offer 6-14 day rites of passage vision quest ceremonies internationally through Alchemy of Prana, School of Lost Borders, and Rites of Passage Journeys and combine somatic and transpersonal orientations to their work. Both Colleen + Thompson love trail running, long distance backpacking, mountain biking, yoga, skiing, canoeing, creating, sound healing, deep connections, and deep transparent relationships. 


  • 3 hours 30 minutes

    Medicine Walk, Storytelling, Mirroring

  • 2 hours 45 minutes

    Kitchari (dinner) + Council under the stars


  • By Donation (sug. $77-$108)

    This option is to attend the entire ceremony by donation. The suggested donation is $77-$108. If the suggested donation amount is not within your financial reach at this time, please let us know and we can figure out a reach that is mutually supportive. Thank you for your donation! If the suggested donation is out of your financial reach at this time,

    Pay what you want
    Sale ended
  • Kitchari + Council only

    This is for kitchari + council only. Dinner will be ready around 6 PM! Suggested Donation $20-$30

    Pay what you want
    Sale ended



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