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warmed by the light

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

an opening _ june 29, 2017 thompson alexander bishop

I let the light warm me

an eastern plain, moving

to begin

as if

all that was

began again



tide of being

laid bare upon the rocks

a mooring wind

that Willow knows

songs dancing in the light


for we that sit upon these breaks

shadows come

stone the course

and patient alms

"i strive to clean the mirror me."

forts that shift

the moment held

ease with loss

these pregnant velds

aghast in was

and other den

no fear no to



these our moments

our moments of people

embodying the reaches

or our inner teachers

we force no hand

in our dealings with her dragon

ragged and free

hungered and still

awaken with tamed lashings of our

great gifts and purpose

breathing on gold

breathe. breathe...

but not old,

the child and dragon sewn

find the sacred home.

fire dancer, our radiant spring

and angel maker, our turtled hawk

the wild crafter, who nettle named

and a scottish witch, saayphourkaalemiino


and shield's-lay-down

adventure's ready, for renewal they go

a water's field, a living ember

and song-water, the fire saint

a North man, the whispering sage

and a raven's rise, Wild Dharma

we -- who this place

have come to know

hero's journey

& inner foe --


& I a fort

a letter

word -- (tbird)

singing to these after-ed verbs

a task.

to shift from I to we

the story's interweaving

we cultivate this space

for all people


the water

a soothing rain

of all earth orders

we are


shy & slight

but quaking in

forests of echos

these blackest nights

A white north moment

decision is clear

setting a light east,

"be soft,

know fear."

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