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wisdom from a Mysore class

Updated: Dec 21, 2017

Aloha ❤ Today we are writing this post from Hawaii, where we are met and fed by the ocean’s dynamic pranic force. This week we had the opportunity to breathe together in a Mysore class on the island of Kauai. In the Mysore practice, each practitioner is met where they are and supported from that place. The way we were met in the Mysore class awakened again our intention for being in this field of transpersonal ecopsychology. Additionally, it helped spark a conversation and intention between us about meeting community where they are and supporting from that place... and a remembrance of our story.

A touch of backstory: In 2015, after 10 days of actively being in Council and engaging with the wild, we ventured up to the 11,000’ cabin on the ridge line in the ragged wilderness. It was here that we crossed a threshold into a Council with the Land and we listened…. We listened to the pranic pulse --- meeting the meaning within each vibration of the moment. The “shaman and scientist parts” merged together conceiving the spirit of the Earth, the third body which consists of awe of wonder, and which both awakened and highlighted an aspect of ourselves that was ready to share together this place and practices. In other words, we engaged in a reciprocal meeting, and the wild-visions of that place began to move through as with the pulse of the planet.

We did not know how this meaning would take form, but the intentions to continue listening and following the pulse of YES carried us to conscious action. This began a 3-summer restoration of this cabin with the intention to create a sacred home for conscious, loving connection, for clear vision, and for reciprocal communication with both the seen and unseen aspects of nature and of ourselves. It has been a living and changing system --a place where moments of meeting to strengthen the whole of life force. And it has been a most wonderful blessing, and we feel immense gratitude for the opportunity for it to be shared with the community of beings... and to that, we feel incredibly grateful to embody the intentions and the wisdom of not-knowing the outcome.

May we meet life with fresh eyes ~

Many thanks to Bhavani Maki for meeting & supporting us in the mysore class today ~

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