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Southwest Passages

School of Lost Borders

Naropa University

Naropa University is an accredited University in Boulder, Colorado which integrates a contemplative, whole-person approach to education. Naropa's founder, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche's, aspiration for Naropa was to "reignite the pilot light" of wisdom which he believed had been extinguished in the world. For Naropa, the key to relighting the pilot light has been honoring the wisdom traditions of the East and West, and joining them with the discovery of our inner wisdom through contemplative practice.

Ojai Foundation

The Ojai Foundation is a 36-acre educational nonprofit located in the Upper Ojai Valley in California. It is a beacon for youth, adult, and elders to explore the relationship with self, each other, and the Earth using Council as the core for the explorations.

Animas Valley Institute

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