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Season group offering or private offering upon request

The day quest is a blend of the vision fast model & medicine walk. It is a full day's journey upon the face of the Earth -- a microcosmic liminal exploration. Participants are guided through a ceremony marking the thresholds of going out onto the land with an intention, or a question. During the threshold time, you will engage in your own ceremony (the marriage of mundane and sacred) by being with the landscape while simultaneously emptying yourself by fasting, and abstaining from company & shelter. Upon returning, you will be guided through a story council in which you will speak the stories of the time spent in the threshold space. This dayquest can serve as preprepation for the vision fast (not required).

Fall 2018 Dates: Sunday, November 18th - 8:45 AM - 4:45 PM

New Moon Councils

Monthly Council Gathering on the New Moon

Taking notice of nature and our relationship in reciprocity to and with nature is the heart of Transpersonal Ecopsychology. During this two-hour, unscripted Council we will open and invite ourselves into dialogue with the natural world, and engage with the “conversation that wants to be had.” Open to all.
Fall 2018 Dates: 9/10, 10/8, 11/7, 12/5

Medicine Walks & Storytelling Councils

Monthy Gatherings

Stepping out onto the land can bring forward, heal, and transform our understanding of where we are in life. A medicine walk is a day’s journey upon the face of the Earth -- a microcosmic liminal exploration. The walk is a mirror that reflects the signs and symbols of your inner landscape or inner quest. The walk serves as a guide in navigating your inner wilderness. During these three-hours we will offer and invite the participants out onto the land with a question, an intention, an open and a reciprocal discussion to and with nature. After the walk, we will sit in Council and share our stories. Open to all.

Fall 2018 Dates: 9/28, 10/19, 11/16, 12/14

Soundwalking & Yin Yoga

weekly offering

Soundwalking is a form of contemplative practice whereby we open ourselves toward nature and walk in silence to different locations within the natural world and the human-wildlife interface and listen. Afterwards we will briefly share our experiences and then be led in a Yin Yoga practice. In this Yin yoga practice, you will climb their awareness into the body while breathing and staying in seated postures for a few minutes. This practice targets, nourishes, and brings awareness to the deepest areas of pulsation inside and around the body, our connective tissues — ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep connective networks. Yin yoga is designed to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and encourage the flow of prana (life force energy) in the organs and connective tissues. This yin practice also stretches and strengthens the ecological, psycho-emotional, and the physiological body. Please bring a mat or towel and any props you might need.


Fall 2018 Dates: 9/12, 10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 11/7, 12/12

Location: Redstone Community Park

Suggested Donation: $16 - $20

Vision Fasts (24 Hour Model)

Seasonal offering or private offering upon request

Just as nature moves according to its inborn death and rebirth pattern, so does the Rite of Passage ceremony. Deeply tuned in to these cycles of nature, ancient and indigenous societies around the world have created rituals of initiation to mark, celebrate, and make sense of the great mysteries of life, death, and rebirth. Initiatory rites are as old as human society, and although the primary rite of passage is marking a transition from childhood to adulthood, we go through various transitions through every stage of life; every year brings forward new transitions. By enacting rites of passages, we continually imitate the death and rebirth patterns of nature. Anthropologists, having studied ancient cultures worldwide, have identified an archetypal form that permeates through most rites of passages. Although a rite of passage may take years to complete, this 3-day ceremony with a 24 hour fast offers a strong and meaningful way to support transitions. The vision fast candidate is guided through three phases of this pattern: severance (severing from the old), threshold (crossing into the liminal space/this is also the stage where the candidate fasts on the land for 24 hours), incorporation (taking on the body, & returning back to the community with your gifts).

The group of fasters and guides rendezvous at a direct location around 3:00 PM on day 1 and will head toward a more remote site. The afternoon & evening of Day 1 consists of participants finding their fast spot, an intent circle, and the fasters’ final meal. At dawn on the morning of Day 2, fasters will step into the threshold of their 24 hour fast on the land. After sunrise on the morning of Day 3, fasters will “shoulder their packs” and return to basecamp for story and the beginning of incorporation.

Suggested Donation: $90 - $130

Intro to the Four Shields & Walk Classes

.In this brief 90 minutes we will discuss the Four Shields of Human Nature as a map for creative inquiry in examining our current, past, and upcoming transitions. You will be invited and offered a space & time for wandering into nature, and then return back to share your experiences in Council. Each month we will discuss and open to one shield starting with September and South, October and West, November and North, and concluding in December with East. Come to one or come to all. Open to all.

Dates: 9/3, 10/1, 11/5, 12/3

 Suggested Donation: $16-$20
Location: Private Residence in Redstone, CO (exact location call 9707045706)

Councils for Communities

Traveling to diverse communities (families, schools, villages, neighborhoods, military, and more) offering The Way of Council to guide the communities & villages in reclaiming their active & loving voice

Traveling to diverse communities (families, schools, villages, neighborhoods, military, and more) offering The Way of Council to guide and support the communities & villages in reclaiming their active & loving voice. 

Please connect with us and lets work together! 

Rituals & Ceremony

personalized ceremonies to mark transitions

Ecopsych Consulting

For Business, Educational Settings, Home

Nature Based Programs

Vision Quests, Wilderness Immersions, Eco-therapy

Counseling / Mediating

Personal, Group, & Couples Counseling & Mediation

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