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© 2019 by alchemy of prana  nonprofit organization fostering practices for embodying the liberation of consciousness with nature

Our Programs & Events
Mon, Feb 24
Redstone Historic District
New Moon Winter Council
We gather in the form of council as a way to spontaneously be with the conversation that wants to be had.
Fri, May 15
Rabbit Valley
Meeting Wholeness in the Wilderness 2020
Reclaim your wholeness through meeting the wilderness of the natural world and your own wild heart --- the place of natural beauty, vitality, & purpose.
Fri, Jun 19
Wilderness Area
Solstice Meditation & Nature Immersion
Spend this fertile time to retreat and reconnect with the beauty of the Earth and tune into the instinctual rhythms of light by meditating outdoors and immersing ourselves into the natural world.
Fri, Jul 17
Twin Lakes
Sacred Water Dance
Celebrate our deep connection with the sacred flow of water in the full gaze of a summer sun.
Fri, Sep 11
Alchemy of Prana
Fall 24-Hour Vision Fast (3 day)
Step through the threshold and dare to live authentically awake, create meaning, and inhabit/belong to our lives
Tue, Dec 29
2021 New Year Visioning Passage on the Mountain
Time is TBD
2020 Spring Desert Vision Fast
A self-generated ceremony with the Earth to mark transitions, initiations by Journeying into the deep unknown to encounter and uncover the secrets of your soul in the wilderness of your life
Time is TBD
Private Residence
Private Medicine Walk & Story