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"edges of calcified ridge and ether cracked open"—poetic reflections

Updated: Feb 22

Entheos Holding Hands with Sorrow


The dark night exposed their red stained lips

From tasting the fruit of the underworld

—digesting the native tongue

of living in the ashes.


Circling sanctuaries of the mystics,

Shimmering facets of Enchantment

allured them to taste this living world;

so they crawled their way

up the steepest escarpments

caught by undulating spines:

Yield, push, reach—

entheos holding hands with sorrow

Into the mystery—

 they echoed back,


thunderous wails

softening the freeze:


vulnerability moving a vision.


They longed for a reverberating



Beyond the container of the ribs,

they were mentored by the substance of lungs—

stirred by a spiraling tonic

of sinew, alveoli, respiration—

moistened moss,

a vision of life.

Occurring beneath the surface of ash.

Shaped by expanded peripheries

of holy encounters—

collisions of beauty and grief,

the edges of calcified ridge and ether

cracked open—

And Moon rose—

and Moonrose,

An emergence of winter’s keeping;

‘Tis a season of gestation.

Day-by-day, they lifted the ash—

dissolving the veils between this world and the next;

Found, beneath the surface—beyond the veils—

a hollow bone,

a precipice,

a passage for birth,

an ember—

They blew on it;

it got brighter:

and the return,

the return they longed for—

found them here,

and together,

they ignited a regenerative fire of love

in their own heart.


--words crafted by Colleen Bishop + her experiences with Earth


>> the above-words emerged while participating with the living world during the 2023-2024 new year visioning passage*


 --the above-photo was a moment Stevie (participant) experienced during the visioning passage on january 1, 2024

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