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entering the portal beneath the surface

Updated: May 1

Living in Reciprocity with Earth—written by Colleen Bishop

Entering the Portal Beneath the Surface is an immersive experiential practice to participate with the subjective experience transpiring beneath the surface of Earth, Body, and Psyche. Entering the portal is an invitation to step into a physical and metaphorical threshold and swim in the unknown—a journey of attuning with the seen and unseen conversations occurring beneath the liminal and return with a living story of experience.

By participating in an emergent, attuned liminal experience with the land, we evoke an intersubjective and permeable field of perception that is typically transpiring beneath our everyday consciousness. In turn, an expanded embodied perception that can perceive the participatory consciousness of oneself in collaboration with the seen and unseen, human and more-than-human world has the potentiality to deepen our relationship with ourselves, humanity, more-than-humans, and the Earth. 

The conveying of lived experiences—from life-as-lived into life-as-represented—requires a sincere and careful attention to unearth the phenomena in an emergent way that connects, reveals, illuminates, and touches the meaningful truths of the myriad of living realities. The telling of story is a modality of carrying the embodied heart of humanity and reciprocating the gift back to the living Earth body.

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Alchemy of Prana co-founders, Colleen + Thompson Bishop will be presenting/offering experiences of living in reciprocity with Earth through various sessions throughout the week at TRANSCEND '24

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